Labour are ducking issue of potholes


One of the major complaints received on the door step are the amount of potholes around the ward and the poor state of highway maintenance. It’s easy for the Council to blame this on the ‘government cuts’ but Labour have just spent £200,000 resurfacing the roads in Hebden Bridge. There is money to spend, they are just choosing to spend it on doing up roads that aren’t in the ward.

Sandbeds Road is in a particularly bad state of repair, I was out with Councillor James Baker surveying its poor state of repair when Mr Burke who lives on the street came out to complain about the Council’s lack of action. We were promised this road would be sorted, instead all we had was a bit of temporary patching that has already come off. This is a well used road outside of a School and  Doctors Surgery, it’s a disgrace that Labour are neglecting our Highways like this.

 What have your Labour Councillors done to try and help with problems like this in the ward? I’m going to be standing for Council in May, and on the side of residents like Mr Burke who pay their taxes, and should expect Calderdale Council to get the basics like looking after our roads right.


Council housing plan for Warley ward would see loss of playing fields, parks and part of Moor


Calderdale Council has announced its consultation on the sites its planning to allocate for housing within the Ward. I’ve had a look at the sites that are covered in Warley ward, and if they were to go ahead in the current form we would lose almost every green space in the ward.

I’ve spoken to Councillor James Baker and we are going to be launching a major campaign to save and protect the green spaces within Warley ward. There are plenty of places that you could build in Calderdale that would not result in the loss of playing fields, recreation grounds and children’s play parks. It is unacceptable for the Labour run Council to list these sites as potential housing sites in the current consultation on the local plan.

To illustrate the sheer scale of what is being proposed here is a quick list of some of the sites identified in Warley ward:

Doctors Hill LP1459

Ling Bob Playing Fields Site reference LP0967 – To build 72 houses on the playing fields behind Harewood Avenue, Ling Royd and Rye Lane.

Fountainhead – LP0983 – Another 40 houses

Mount Tabor – LP1440 – 110 houses and LP0872 87 houses.

Pellon Allotments – LP0156 – To build 31 houses on site that is currently uses as allotments.

Roils Head Moor LP1374, LP1458, LP0093 – 97 Houses behind Vicar Park, another 32 by the Reservoir, and a further ‘urban expansion citing a residential capacity of 2862

Sandbeds Park LP1353 – 16 Houses on the Children’s play park.

Warley Town LP0042, LP1276 & more – Land on recreation ground, cricket pitch and Green Hill. 56 Houses on recreation ground, 30 on the Cricket Ground and 47 at Green Hill.

Windle Royd – LP1457 – Urban expansion with a population size of 1762 cited.

If you are as concerned about this as I am, do please respond to the consultation and also sign the petition we have set-up to help protect Calderdale’s green spaces.


Warley Town is surrounded by new housing sites under the plan