Labour are ducking issue of potholes


One of the major complaints received on the door step are the amount of potholes around the ward and the poor state of highway maintenance. It’s easy for the Council to blame this on the ‘government cuts’ but Labour have just spent £200,000 resurfacing the roads in Hebden Bridge. There is money to spend, they are just choosing to spend it on doing up roads that aren’t in the ward.

Sandbeds Road is in a particularly bad state of repair, I was out with Councillor James Baker surveying its poor state of repair when Mr Burke who lives on the street came out to complain about the Council’s lack of action. We were promised this road would be sorted, instead all we had was a bit of temporary patching that has already come off. This is a well used road outside of a School and  Doctors Surgery, it’s a disgrace that Labour are neglecting our Highways like this.

 What have your Labour Councillors done to try and help with problems like this in the ward? I’m going to be standing for Council in May, and on the side of residents like Mr Burke who pay their taxes, and should expect Calderdale Council to get the basics like looking after our roads right.


2 thoughts on “Labour are ducking issue of potholes

  1. Pamela Craghill says:

    We yse that road often and it is a nightmare to go down. We have a nice car that is looked after, but we have had to have new springs because of the state of this road and many others. Shame on this useless Labour Council, as they have no idea what is important and are so frivilous with our money. The state of these roads can cause accident and do damage you cars.

  2. Andrew berry says:

    Is this labour, or is it just a highways department that appears to not have a sensible plan over many years of a council overseen by all parties at one time or another. You will recall that warley community association developed a prioritised plan of improvements nearly 5 years ago, a plan which is even more relevant today and nothing has been done. Our councillors, both labour and lib dem have failed to get this on the councils agenda despite huge amounts of money being spent elsewhere on vanity projects and specific central government support for road improvements. I have raised this consistently over the years and cited examples of expensive repairs in other areas which did not seem as urgent as those in warley. Sorry to say, but councillors have a part to play and that part should be supporting us over the long term and not just when an election is on the horizon.

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